Until 14 October at the Visconti gallery in Saint-Germain-des-Prés,

 And during the autumn the artist will reserve for his visitors the privilege of discovering his most recent works in the intimate setting of his studio, in LEVALLOIS, near PARIS.

 By appointment :

Diptyque - juin 2023 - 

162H./260L. - Acrylic and oil - 2023
162H./260L. - Acrylic and oil - 2023

"My memories of my region come back to me so often because they are roots, a part of me, of my childhood, this close and precious link that only painting can find, my painting has now become the synthesis of my childhood, adolescence and then my adult life, of my wounds, each color gives me strength, each canvas becomes a victory"

Tech. mixtes - 162 H./130 L. - 2023
Tech. mixtes - 162 H./130 L. - 2023

For almost 20 years, Ruffi has

participated in most fairs and Gallery, in Paris,
Lille and Venice at the Palais Bragadin. When one contemplates a painting
by Ruffi de Pontevès, one is struck by the harmony
of the colors which seem to participate in an ideal geography, almost serene, while dispensing a
mad energy. This is his talent: to give us the
ultimate thought of a mental landscape
that is not one. Ruffi's universe on canvas is very physical,
almost carnal. What he shows is, in fact, the result of his battle.
(Molly Mine - Art Critic 2013).



Ruffi receives the taste to paint alongside his mother then he will continue his pictorial ascent alone with an unfailing affection for nature, Normandy, the country of his childhood. When Ruffi de Pontevès started out on the art scene, 20 years ago, his first works were clearly and firmly rooted in abstraction. 

Only the spontaneity of the pictorial gesture enables him to take stock of the memories of the landscapes of his Normandy childhood. 

Energetically posing colours on the canvas, his approach thus runs counter to the majority of his contemporaries. 
For his part, he aims to pay tribute to painting and invites us to believe in its future. 
Not a painting that describes or illustrates, but painting for its own sake, with its colour, materiality, and the gestures that bring it to the canvas. 

In his latest canvases, Ruffi seems to draw the essence from his previous works,

his thirst for colour is now limitless, 
he emancipates himself, opening up new pathways and entering into a conversation.



"I paint with my energy, my intuition. My painting is decided in the moment, passing from light and shade to intense luminosity.  I undertake a dialogue with my canvas, it questions what is happening within me: this transition from a fragile to a charged dynamic state.”