Key Dates


Galerie Visconti Paris 6   

exhibition solo 2019

collective 2020


Brussels Artfair Bozar  2018


Réalités Nouvellles Parc Floral

2008 & 2009


Comparaisons Grand Palais

2007 & 2008


Galerie Miromesnil Paris 8



Galerie Mazarine Paris 6



and more.. salon d'automne,

salon des Beaux arts, Deauville, Honfleur, Paris Bastille...

When Ruffi de Pontevès started out on the art scene,
his first works were clearly and firmly rooted in abstraction.

Only the spontaneity of the pictorial gesture enables him to take stock
of the memories of the landscapes of his Normandy childhood.
Energetically posing colours on the canvas, his approach thus runs counter to the majority of his contemporaries.



For his part, he aims to pay tribute to painting and invites us to believe in its future.

Not a painting that describes or illustrates,
but painting for its own sake, with its colour, materiality,

and the gestures that bring it to the canvas.